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How to Replace Muscle Relaxers with Healthy Herbal Alternatives

What are the Pros and Cons of Muscle Relaxers?

Pharmaceutical Muscle Relaxers offer immediate relief for pain.  When pain is strong and unbearable it’s easy to turn to over the counter pain pills to relieve pain fast.  Herb Deco wants to help you manage your pain long term without the yucky side effects of muscle relaxers like addiction and depression.  There are many herbs that can offer relief from Back Pain, Arthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid, and other Musculoskeletal Problems.

What Herbs Replace Pharmaceutical Muscle Relaxers?

There are many herbs that offer natural anti-inflammatory or anti-spasmodic effects.  One of my favorite muscle relaxing blends to take in the evening to help relax my entire body is Catnip, Feverfew and Skullcap.  Other herbal medicine replacements for muscle relaxers are:

yoga and herbal medicine compliment the healing properties each have to offer

Herbal remedies for relaxing muscles go well with yoga, stretching and massage

Is it ok to take muscle relaxers and get a Massage?

Muscle Relaxers can cause drowsiness and numb your pain receptors.  Getting a massage on a muscle relaxer would not be a good idea.  Having a massage on muscle relaxers can actually cause more pain than good.  If you can’t feel your pain the masseuse may over work areas without your input.  It’s best to stay home and relax if you’re going to take any pharmaceutical muscle relaxers like Zaniflex or Amrix.

Is it ok to mix muscle relaxers and Stretching?

Soft and light stretching after taking a low dose muscle relaxer can be quite nice.  Be sure to take it easy.  Inhale slow deep breaths and exhale slow deep breaths.  Really listen to your body and move where the tightness feels.  Muscle relaxers help to alleviate many body pains.  Joint pain that’s been holding you back in your stretching may be a little more accessible on a muscle relaxer.

herbal medicine herbal tea and yoga meditation stretching

Make herbal medicine part of your nightly meditative yoga routine.

Is it ok to do Yoga while on muscle relaxers?

If you are a beginner in Yoga, I would not suggest muscle relaxers and practicing yoga.  Muscle Relaxers could make you dizzy and you may lose your balance which could lead to injury.  If you’re a good study in yoga and familiar with your limits, a light restorative yoga session might be the perfect compliment to your healing process.  I would suggest doing your yoga practice at home since driving on muscle relaxers is not safe.

What Herbs are good for Yoga?

Any herbal remedy that acts as an anti-inflammatory is wonderful to pair with Yoga.  I personally do a mix of Ashwagandha and Kava Root for my evening yoga practice.  The key to tight muscles and tight joints is to go easy.  Always take deep steady breaths in and out while tuning into your body with your mind.  Marijuana can also help to get you deeper into your yoga meditative healing practice.

What Herbs are good for Stretching?

An Herbal Tea that is known for its anti-spasmodic properties will be a perfect match for evening stretching.  An herbal tea like Valerian root can make you drowsy, but also really relaxes your muscles.  Taking an herbal tea muscle relaxer about 30 minutes before bed is perfect.  Stretch while you take your herbal medicine and you will then drift off to sleep with your body feeling the love it needs.

Muscle Relaxers vs Herbal Medicine and Yoga

Ultimately it’s your choice what works best for you.  Roughly 75 % of man made medicines come from plants!  With facts like that many of us prefer to go to the source and take the plant medicine instead of pharmaceuticals.  Always talk to your local holistic healing doctor if suffering from a life threatening disease.  Happy Healing.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is knowledge based on personal herbal medicine and muscle relaxant experiences.



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