Wild Strawberry

The Wild Strawberry plant, not to be confused with the oversized genetically modified strawberries you see at the grocery store, offers loads of health benefits!  Wild Strawberries have always been more like a dessert for many, so it’s great to see all the medicinal uses this plant has in the leaves and flowers.  Even spiritually, the Wild Strawberry has been said to “Comfort Fainting Spirits” if you’re into that kind of thing.  If you’re looking for more straight up facts about this beautiful plant it can be used to fight off Gout, Arthritis and even Tuberculosis.  The Wild Strawberry plant deserves its space in the holistic healing world.

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What is the Origin for Wild Strawberry?

  • Europe, Western Asia, North America

What is the Botanical Name for Wild Strawberry?

  • Fragaria Vesca

What is the Wild Strawberry Plant Family?

  • Rosaceae (Rose)

What are the Health Benefits of Wild Strawberries?

  • Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Boost Immunity
  • Digestive Aid

What are the Uses of Wild Strawberries?

What do Wild Strawberries Taste Like?

When To Enjoy Wild Strawberries?

  • Anytime, though they are seasonal.

What are the health Risks of Wild Strawberries?

  • Considered Safe to consume.


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