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We believe in transparency, ease, and of course – relaxation through herbs.

Does Herb Deco grow herbs organically?2022-05-19T13:33:42-07:00

Yes!  All of Herb Deco’s dried herbs are grown organically.  Given Love, Water and Worms.  Earth’s natural resources.

What are dried herbs used for?2022-05-19T13:56:42-07:00

Herbal tea is made from dried herbs.  There are many other uses for dried herbs.  From a garnish on your plate, to a seasoning in your cooking, or even transformed into a concentrated plant medicine called tinctures, Dried Herbs offer many health benefits.

Use dried herbs to help alleviate pain, fight disease and boost mood.  Let Herb Deco guide you through our plant medicines.

What dried herbs can you smoke?2022-05-19T13:26:35-07:00

Herbal tea is the best way to consume most herbs.  However, there are some herbs you can actually smoke.  They can offer sedative and relaxing affects or a head high and mood boosting affects.  Some smokable herbs are:

Sage, Skullcap, Marijuana, Mullein, Coltsfoot, Mugwort, Mint and Uva-Ursi

Where do you deliver?2022-05-19T13:28:24-07:00

We deliver herbs throughout California, but you can order our swag anywhere in the US.

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